Dear Councillors,

As a local resident of Crouch End I am writing to ask you to represent my views in the forthcoming planning meeting about Hornsey Town Hall.

I welcome the restoration of our Grade II* listed building, which is such an important hub in our community, but feel this should be achieved without destroying our Conservation Area and Town Centre.

500 more residents plus 130 hotel guests will put considerable strain on already stretched transport, nurseries, doctors, schools, pollution, parking and crime.

I am therefore asking you to refuse consent for the 7-storey luxury apartment block housing up for to 500 people that will tower over all other buildings, setting a precedent for future development that we don’t want in our area.

Please stand up to developers for this and other projects – don’t take the most expedient option at the cost of destroying our unique area. As FEC outbid others for the site on the basis of a much smaller development, which they said was financial viable, they should be made to stick to that plan.

Ensure flats in any final development are offered on the local market first.

Please independently check planning documents. A report submitted by FEC about the privacy and overshadowing of local properties has been strongly challenged by in independent BRE assessment.

Yours sincerely

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