Too high and too big

Every conservation group including Historic England and the 20th Century Society have expressed strong reservations about the height of the building and its effect on the Town Hall as a Grade II Listed Building.

Huge pressure on transport and parking

W7 queues at rush hour already reach the Clock Tower – imagine 100s more joining the queue? Only 40 new parking spaces for 146 new flats and 67 hotel rooms!

Not enough schools and doctors

No plans to increase the numbers of (already stretched) school places and doctors.

Shortfall of social housing

11 units, the majority one bedroom or studio flats, have now been included. That’s 7% of the total 148 units the developer wants to build, instead of Labour policy 40%. Our Labour council is favouring the big profit (over £22 million) of the developer over much needed family housing.

Limited community use

Community use will be much more limited than at present – although there will be plenty of places for the community to spend money in the bars and restaurants the developer is building.

Loss of local independent businesses

130 local people run thriving businesses from the Town Hall which feed the local economy. Where will they go when replaced by a hotel and a few hot desks?

No detailed restoration plans

The developer has failed to set out a detailed programme for the restoration work, which is the (primary) reason for the whole development. Are they the right custodians? Haringey must demand full assurances.

The Council has leased the Town Hall site to Hong Kong-based, Cayman Islands-registered Far East Consortium for 130 years. Overwhelming local objections at consultation have been ignored. This is our last opportunity to have our voices heard.

Take action

If you'd like to read our full objections, as outlined in our letter to Haringey Planning Services, you can find our objection letter below.

Our full objection letter