You may have already objected to the Planners - 500 locals have – but now is the time to write directly to the Councillors who will be making the final decision.

Demand that the development be reduced in size - write your email to our elected representatives asking them to represent your views over your Caymen-Island-registered overseas Developer.

Write to Haringey Council

Our local Councillors – and indeed the whole Labour Council - should be reminded of who they are here to serve. They should put local people before a Cayman Island registered, Singapore based developer.

Below is a list of who we should write to – one email to all is fine – and key points you may want to include.

Key Points

  • Ask your Council to represent you as a local resident who voted them in.
  • Tell them that the 7-storey luxury apartment block housing up to 500 people will tower over all other buildings, setting a precedent for future development that we don’t want in our area.
  • Tell them that similar developments around the country have caused rents to rise. We want all sorts of people to be able to live in Crouch End. FEC are already exclusively advertising flats in their Manchester development to buyers in Hong Kong. Do we want that here?
  • Tell them that 500 more residents plus 130 hotel guests will impact traffic, transport, nurseries, doctors, schools, pollution, and crime.
  • Ask them to stand up to developers – don’t take the most expedient option at the cost of destroying our unique area. Tell them FEC outbid others for the site on the basis of a much smaller development, which they said was financially viable. Ask them to make FEC stick to that plan.

Who to write to

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